Work Plan

SocialWatt is structured under six (6) key activities. Two (2) are horizontal and relate to the coordination and the communication / dissemination of the project, whilst four (4) are linked to the project’s objectives.

The definition and the status quo of energy poverty in the EU is reviewed, and a set of user-friendly decision support tools to facilitate and enhance energy companies’ efforts to alleviate energy poverty are developed. More specifically, ‘SocialWatt Analyser’ helps identify energy poor households, ‘SocialWatt Plan’ helps develop appropriate energy efficiency/renewable energy schemes and supports the development of Energy Poverty Action Plans, and ‘SocialWatt Check’ helps monitor and assess the effectiveness of implemented schemes.
Innovative schemes to trigger investments in energy efficiency / renewable energy in order to alleviate energy poverty are developed, with the support of the SocialWatt decision support tools. Selected schemes are implemented by participating utilities and energy suppliers.
Key actors and stakeholders, including energy utilities, social services and consumer organizations, are identified, and subsequently engaged at various project implementation stages. Capacity building activities are organized and implemented, focusing on measures and schemes to alleviate energy poverty. 
The use of the SocialWatt tools developed is encouraged and supported in order to facilitate the identification of energy poor households and the development and implementation of suitable innovative schemes that trigger investments in energy efficiency/renewable energy.
Dissemination and communication activities are planned and implemented to promote SocialWatt objectives, outputs and results, disseminate best practices, and encourage the development of innovative schemes that trigger investments in energy efficiency/renewable energy and alleviate energy poverty.
Overall financial and administrative coordination of the project to ensure the effective and timely implementation of the project activities.
Work Plan




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